Rim Repair


We offer quality wheel, rim and refinishing services in the Toledo area. With Summit Auto Repair service shop, we are able to offer repair for curb damaged, scuffed, and gouged alloy wheels for a fraction of the cost to replace them. We also straighten bent alloy wheels to within factory specifications. We do all this for a fraction of the cost for replacing damaged wheels and rims. With FREE towing service, most services are completed within an hour or less saving you from a trip to a chain repair shop where your vehicle may sit for a few days.

Curb & Road Rash
Finish Peeling
Light Scrapes
Oxidation & Peeling
Slightly Bent Wheels
Corrosion Repair
warped wheels
Wheel Polishing
Other Cosmetic Issues

Summit Auto Repair is a professional, licensed and insured company that offers wheel and rim repair across the Toledo area. We provide my customers with an affordable alternative to the prices that dealerships charge. Often times, you are left without your vehicle while your wheel or rim is being repaired.